Formulated without acetone.

Extra-Mild Nail Polish Remover — Formulated without acetone.

Its formula gently removes polish and does not dry out nail nor cuticle. This EXTRA-MILD NAIL POLISH REMOVER is specially developed for delicate and fragile nails. It is formulated without acetone and is enriched with ingredients that counteract the harsh effects of solvents ans protect the nails.

How to use

Dampen a cotton pad with EXTRA-MILD NAIL POLISH REMOVER and press firmly on the surface of the nail. Hold in place to enable the remover to penetrate the layers of polish and wipe off in one stroke. A second application may be necessary to remove layers of dark nail polish or many layers of nail polish. Wash hands thoroughly.


Takes a bit longer than an acetone nail polish remover, but is much more gentle to nails and skin.
Use in a well ventilated area and avoid direct inhalation.